We treat your pet like one of our own!

Grooming and Pet Supplies Since 1999

About Our Business

Serving the Westside of Jacksonville since 1999

A Gentle Touch Pet Grooming consists of sensitive, even "picky" clientèle that is well-served by an experienced and enthusiastic family owned business. Is your current groomer spending enough time with your pet?  Too many times we have heard stories about the trust pet owners place in individuals only to find your pet locked in a cage or small kennel most of the day. Similarly, all too often groomers "speed-groom" pet-after-pet, not giving them the care and attention they need and deserve. If it seems your pet is getting groomed really quick then consider how thorough a job your groomer is doing.

    If you ever wonder if similar events are happening to you and your pet, we encourage you to remove your doubts and bring your pet to A Gentle Touch Pet Grooming.  You can genuinely think of us as the people who sincerely care about your pets.


   At A Gentle Touch Pet Grooming, we believe the most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and talented artistry of our groomer, Brenda.  Unlike other area groomers, Brenda grooms your pet based upon your preferences rather than a typical breed specific groom.  Brenda has been a professional pet groomer for 20 years and uses great patience with your pet.  

    She is able to create masterful precise designs using scissoring, shaping and/or clippers down to a basic wash, cut and/or nail trimming. The terrific and loyal clientèle she has built over the years is just a reflection of the genuine affection and sincere attention she shows your pet while utilizing her abundant and adept expertise.  Her calm, warm and pleasant demeanor is demonstrated with all the animals she grooms and she is equally comfortable with large or small as well as long or short haired breeds.  Brenda's superior ability is evident after each groom as she brings out the very best of your pets' personality and features. 

     Your pet is your best friend and we really do, "Treat your pet like one of our own!" 

We invite you and your pet to meet us in person and learn more about our family operation and about the many ways we can benefit your pets' personality and appearance.                                                    
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